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Enterprise web-tool to create hybrid mobile apps, web apps, and progressive web apps (PWA) easy and fast solution with full features for any kind of industry.

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We are having our platform and products up and running in middle east market currently, but we will be moving to Canada soon to be the luckiest app. builder provider to small businesses.

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Html5 - PWA

Crafted For Any Type Of Businesses And Startups

Using visual, model-driven development, AI-powered tools that improve the entire application lifecycle, and a cloud platform, you can quickly and easily build, deploy and manage the software that makes a difference.
Make an impact on your traditional business!
Have your business online, attract potentials of your surrounding market and have your loyal customers.

Services We Provide

We have prepared a user friendly web tool for you to have your loyal customer- base, and build your own application with no required knowledge in IT ,And it's cost effective.

Our Clients

We provide our product to small businesses in the following categories

Pricing Plans

Did you know that, having your own mobile App costs minimum 1200$ in the market?!

Have your monthly saving for only 20$ installment to end up with 240$ at the end of year.

You also may be the lucky one to win our monthly draw to exempt continues payment.

  • Monthly Subscription



  • HTML5/ PWA
  • 300MB Storage
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • Minimal App. Features
  • Minimal Back-Office Features
  • Monthly Subscription



  • HTML5/ PWA + Android
  • 3GB Storage
  • App. landing page
  • Full App. Features
  • Full Back-Office Features
  • Analitics Dashboard
  • Monthly Subscription



  • HTML5/ PWA + Android + iOS
  • 7GB Storage
  • App landing page.
  • Full App. Features
  • Full Back-Office Features
  • Analitics Dashboard

Team Members

We are a team of experience and talented people, who know each other for years.
We are highly motivated and solid as we already have proven our capabilities in other markets with this platform.


CEO - Cofounder

Over a decade, golden enterprise administrative reputation


CTO - Cofounder

Senior app. developer and online solution expert in Medium & Enterprise platforms



Experienced in developing commercial models in ICT ecosystem

Masoud Tirgar


Experienced in field management and distribution channels


Head of UI/ UX design

Qualified content management and interface design expert

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